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Beginners Keyword Research Tool for successful Blogging, Keyword Difficulty Search Tool. How to do keyword research for successful blogging in the year 2023? is important for successful blogging.

Keyword research is the key to successful blogging. However, how to do the Keyword research and which keyword research tool to use for the keyword research is the big challenge in Infront of the beginner.   

From the beginner’s point of view, you have to search for a keyword, which is related to your blogging topic and then the keyword research tool will tell you the statistics about that particular keyword.

Every point has some meaning that needs to understand by the beginner.

Search Volume: the average number of searches that occur for this keyword or phrase in the last 12 months.

Cost Per Click (CPC): the average cost you may spend for each ad click if you bid for this keyword.

Pay Per Click (PPC): a scale that represents advertiser competition for this keyword.


Keyword difficulty score that indicates whether it’s easy or hard to rank a website in search engines for top ten results. A lower keyword difficulty score means more chance to rank.

0 – 10: No competition

11 – 20: Extremely low competition

21 – 30: Low competition

31 – 40: Moderate Competition

41 – 50: Somewhat High Competition

51 – 65: Very High Competition

65 – 100: Do not even think about it


Domain Authority is a metric that reflects a website’s ability to rank in search engines on a scale from 1 to 100. A lower number means more chance to appear in search engine first-page results


Domain age represents the period that a domain has been registered and active. Aged domains are more trustworthy to search engines and it is harder for newly established domains to rank.

AVERAGE LINKS Average backlink number indicate the average number of links pointing toward a search engine’s top-ranked page.


Content size refers to the number of words a website or a blog post may have. For new content to rank well, it needs to match the search engine’s top-ranked pages’ content size.

SEMScoop – FREE Keyword Research Tool:

This tool does the real-time calculation for keyword difficulty score that lets you focus on your SEO efforts and enables you to write content about keywords that will really rank. It saves time by cutting out keywords that are less likely to rank. It will help you make money online.

Aiming for the right range of competition for your website or blog this tool will give you the edge in producing content that ranks on the first page of Google, thus generating more traffic. The view of the SEMScoop is given below for you to understand better.

SEMScoop tool
SEMScoop tool

In the SEMScoop tool, you can find information about the Keyword difficulty, search volume, average domain authority, and related keyword ideas.

There is an advanced filter to search the related keyword ideas and it looks below.

Keyword Research Tool
Keyword Research Tool

Using this advanced filter you can shortlist related keywords by keeping the desired search volume, Length of the keyword and CPC, etc.

You can also find below information about the top search results, Link profiles, content analysis and social engagement details. These details look on SEMScoop Tool as below.

Keyword Research Tool
Keyword Research Tool

In the Advance Link profile, you know exactly how much link-building you’ll need to do to get ranked on Google. It also analyzes your competitors’ top backlinks and spots weak ones so you can fill the gap and climb the rank ladder. It also gets the average referring domains for all ranked pages for any keyword with one click.

So that you can easily prepare your content & link plan accordingly. A screenshot of the Link profile is given below for your ready reference and understanding.

Keyword Research Tool
Keyword Research Tool

The content quality score tells you that less content quality score means more chance you have to produce better content and provide real value for your blog visitors. SEMScoop’s keyword tool reveals an estimate for the required content length to rank on Google.

SEMScoop gets direct insights for focus keywords and usage on your competitors’ ranked pages so you can optimize your content to stand out in Google.

Keyword Research Tool
Keyword Research Tool

I have personally used the SEMScoop Tool for Keyword research and I found it is really useful to choose the Good keyword for blogging topics.

The pricing structure of the SEMScoop Tool is competitive compared to the other Keyword research tools available online.

The pricing structure of the SEMScoop Keyword Research Tool at the time of publishing

For beginners, this free Keyword research tool will be helpful in the journey of blogging. Here is the link to the site of the SEMScoop Keyword Research tool.

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