For successful Blogging and Affiliate marketing Let’s understand Search Engine BING

Do you want to be successful in Blogging? then you must know about Search Engine Bing.

Bing is well-known Internet search engine. In 1998, Microsoft had launched MSN search. Initially Microsoft was not that much serious about this MSN Search until unless the Google established in the industry. They relied on their partners specially Looksmart, Overture, and Inktomi to control their search service. Further they were worked with Yahoo but in later they dissociated from Yahoo and Microsoft has announced their own live search product on June 1st, 2009 as ‘Bing’.

Bing was unveiled by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at the All Things Digital Conference in San Diego.

Recent market research report shows that Bing is at 3rd place among other major search engines, with 1st rank of Google and 2nd rank of Yahoo.

In general, Bing searches provide fewer results against search queries than other search engines, but usually they have higher conversion rates. Hence, Bing can be a good choice for the bloggers or online businesses.

Bing works similar manner like other crawler-based search engine work. Bing does crawling, indexing websites and ranking them according to their contents.

Bing’s crawler name is MSNBot. If your website is having rich quality content then MSNbot will better index and rank your website better.

Typically, a search engine sends out a spider to get crawled as many documents as possible. Another program, called an indexer, reads these documents and creates an index based on the words contained in each document.

Every search engine uses an algorithm to create its indices in such way that, ideally, only meaningful results can come back for each query.

Computers are getting more and more sophisticated, but still they are brainless. In reality, search engines for general web do not really search the World Wide Web directly. Each one searches a database of the full text of web pages selected from the billions of web pages on servers.

When you are searching for your query on the internet you are always searching somewhat stale copy of the real web page. When you click on link provided in the search results, you retrieve from the server the current version of the page. Search engine databases are selected and indexed by computer robot programs called spiders or crawler. They cannot think nor do any judgment to “decide” to go and look something up and see what’s on the website about it.

Bloggers or small businesses hoping to list an existing website with a major search engine may find that the process has already been completed for them by an automated spider. However, small business owners may wish to change or add the information that has been gathered about their sites. Many of the smaller directories are compiled using data submitted by individuals and businesses who want their site to be listed.

Many commercial services exist to help small online businesses to register their sites with search engines. Most of these services make process easy by listing a website with the number of search engines at once. Also there are search engine optimization tools available whose purpose is to make WebPages more relevant in search engine results.

Search Engine Bing has some guidelines and techniques for better indexing.

1) URL :
2) Search Engine Type: Crawler based search engine.
3) Name of crawler: MSNBot
4) Owner : Microsoft
5) Launched date: June 1, 2009
6) Position among search Engine: 3rd i.e after Yahoo.

Design and content guideline for indexing on Microsoft’s Search Engine Bing

Site hierarchy: Keep your website hierarchy fairly smooth i.e. each target webpage should reachable within three clicks away from the main webpage.

Webpage pages under construction: Do not present under construction page to crawler and website’s users.

Website content: Contents of website should be unique and genuine and try to cover one topic for on one page.

Website Links: Link on website should intended to serve people for helping to find interesting and related contents. Website should not have link with malware software or tools.

Title and Meta Description tag: Use only few target keywords or keyword phrase contents used under Title and Meta tags should be accurately describe the contents of page. Title text in Meta Description tag should be between 25 and 150 and avoid using special characters in description tag. Make use of unique keywords for each title tags and Meta tags on each page.

Images: Try to use text to describe contents keywords instead of image i.e. do not use image embedded text that is needed to index. Minimize use of images and use proper names of image files because search engines cannot interpret images.

Navigation: Make it sure that all desired webpage(s) have navigation with text link at least once to reach desired webpage(s). Avoid using images for navigations.

ALT Tag: Use ALT tag for images to inform search engines that what is image about.

Non-friendly Contents: Almost every search engine face hard time with frames, JavaScript, Flash, DHTML, session IDs, cookies might be trouble for Bing like other crawlers to crawl them. Recommend to avoid or optimize them.

File size: Keep file size of your post reasonable like Bing recommends using page with no images should be of size 150k.

URL structure: Keep URL simple and smaller because it is easier to crawling them.

Technical advice for indexing on Search Engine Bing

Website should be discoverable in search Engine: Submit website by using Bing webmaster tool or by linking other already indexed websites to make it discoverable for Bing.

Submit Sitemap: Bing recommends submitting site map to help it to available all desirable webpage(s) through sitemap. Sitemap may contain up to 5000 URLs.

Files and directories: Organize related files and images in same directories to make it easier to find contents and efficiently for crawling.

robot.txt: Make use of robot.txt to prevent search engine from crawling or indexing specific files or directories.

Test website appearance: The best way to be sure that your site is usable and appear properly in different browsers.

Server response: Try to reduce server load by implementing page compression techniques and Conditional GET. Make it sure that server does not response with 400, 401 and 500 errors because time-out and servers’ slow response badly affects crawling.

WebPage loading time: Page should be smaller in size; it should not exceed 9 second to get load. Because both crawling and traffic effected badly from page load issue. Both crawlers and website’s user does not wait later than 10 seconds for webpage load.

Well formed HTML code: Make it sure that HTML code is well formed and all paired tags are closed properly.

Quality measures for indexing on Search Engine Bing

Avoid: Avoid keyword stuffing, cloaking, hidden text, bad neighbors.

Crawling Frequency: Frequency of crawl may depend upon number of factors like website depth. Also website has more likely unique and quality content may crawl frequently than others. Static website may crawl frequently than dynamic website.

Website Links: Links on webpage(s) should be relevant and should not overly use.

URLs Parameter considerations

Dynamic URL parameters: Keep URL parameter short and few in numbers.

Rewrite the URL: Make sure use simple URLs with targeted keywords. It is always good to remove unnecessary parameters from URLs; because it saves crawling time of spider to crawl unnecessary and duplicate webpage(s). It also reduces the chances of spider trap.

Static link vs. Dynamic link: Bing suggests keeping URLs simple and static because they easier to crawl for search engine’s spider and easy to remember too.

bmaster Tool: Unlike Google and Yahoo, Bing webmaster tool does not provide feature for parameter specification i.e. which should not be consider in dynamic URLs.

Microsoft’s Bing’s Useful Tools for SEO

Like Google and Yahoo; Bing also provides tool for website’s SEO known as Bing Webmaster Tools.

Bing Webmaster Tool

Bing webmaster tool allows bloggers to optimize their website for Bing search engine. Bing updates its Webmaster tool to provide more precise information about indexing and crawling and traffic of website.

This tool is free of cost and allows following facilities for websites.

i) Website submission
ii) Sitemap submission.
iii) Submission of individual URLs.
iv) Detailed information about which webpage of website are index.
v) Information about keyword performance, back-links and inbound links.
vi) Provide charts to get a quick view of last six months traffic, crawling and indexing of website.
vii) Provide information like issues of crawling, malware, redirects and other exclusion encountered during website crawling.

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