3 High Paying Affiliate Programs In Web Hosting To Monetize Your Website In 2023

At the beginning of the Blogging journey, everyone has something in mind to earn money online that keeps beginners motivated in their journey of blogging. However, it is not as simple as it looks for beginners. Hence, it is very much important to focus on the various things that help the beginner to earn money online i.e. affiliate marketing.

High Paying Affiliate programs in Web Hosting

Here I am giving the 3 Highest Paying Web Hosting Affiliate Programs details, which will help you in the journey of blogging and these are the best affiliate programs for beginners.  

So if you’re looking for high-paying affiliate programs especially in Web Hosting to make money online from your blog, don’t miss out on this post. Let’s find out the highest-paying affiliate products in Web Hosting you can promote in 2023.

It is as simple as that for any online business website is mandatory and everybody requires a reliable hosting service provider for the smooth running of websites. Hence, you can always use hosting services to promote as an affiliate marketer to make online money every month.

Below are the highest-paying Web Hosting affiliate programs that you can promote to make tons of money. They will not only provide the one-time commission but also provides you recurring commissions.  

What are important points to remember, while selecting the High Paying Affiliate programs in Web Hosting?  

What is the cookie duration?

What is the average commission rate?

How will you get paid from the Affiliate program?

Which type of niche this affiliate program will work in?

Is this affiliate program providing a one-time commission or it is recurring?

1. Hostinger

Hostinger provides ultrafast SSD servers to their customers i.e. ultrafast servers. That keeps the website faster. Hence, it is suitable for most bloggers or small businesses. 

Hostinger Affiliate program

It provides a free SSL certificate.

A new beginner also can start with the Hostinger Affiliate program and earn a decent commission from Hostinger.

Hosting plans of Hostinger is comparatively very affordable to customers and those who want to start their blogging journey from scratch.

Hosting plans of Hostinger are much cheaper as compared to other web hosts like Kinsta, Bluehost, HostGator, etc.

However, it doesn’t mean that as an affiliate you will receive less commission. The average commission rate of Hostinger range from $60 to $100 and more per sale (depending on the volume of sales per month).

If you could have gone through my previous blog articles, where I informed there Affiliate commission is tracked via advanced cookie-based technologies.

Do you know what is cookie duration?

Cookie duration means once any customer clicks on your affiliate link and not immediately buy that product given in the affiliate link, but he could buy the same product within the next 30 days span from the date of initial click on the affiliate link i.e. called cookie duration.

A cookie duration of 30 days means, From the date of initial click on your affiliate link, if the customer buys the product within the next 30 days, then also you will receive the affiliate commission from this Web Hosting Affiliate program.

A higher cookie duration is better for the Affiliates.

Hostinger is providing the 30 days Cookie duration for all Affiliate programs.

After 30 days of your Affiliate sale being processed, you will get paid from Hostinger for your commission through PayPal.

Click here to sign up for a Hostinger affiliate and start generating more sales.

In Brief :

Hostinger commission: From $60 to $100 and more per sale (depending on the volume of sales per month)

Hostinger affiliate cookie duration: 30 days.

Payment option: Through PayPal

Duration of payment: After 30 days of your Affiliate sale being processed.

Customer base: Very wide (almost all online websites required Hosting).

Click here to sign up for Hostinger and get started.

2. Cloudways Web Hosting

Cloudways offers the industry’s best affiliate commission among all web hosting programs. They provide dedicated account managers so that you can earn higher affiliate commissions.

High Paying Affiliate programs

Cloudways have slab-based and dynamic affiliate programs for their affiliates.

In slab based affiliate program you will earn from $50 to $125 and more. The estimated earning of affiliate in Cloudways is given below.

Best Hosting Plan

They provide a cookie period of 90 days.

Click here to become a Cloudways Web Hosting affiliate and start making more commission.

The most popular Cloudways hosting price plans are given below for ready reference.

So, Click Here to get Signup for a Cloudways hosting affiliate program and start earning huge Affiliate commissions.

High Paying Affiliate programs CLOUDWAYS

3. WPX. Hosting

WPX Hosting is the fastest WordPress hosting.

It won all global speed-tested categories in the independent testing category in the year 2022.

Best Web Hosting

WPX’s high-speed custom XDN (CDN) load and run your website much faster for all your visitors around the globe. Their XDN is completely FREE for all WPX customers across all plans: Business, Professional and Elite.

Unlike most CDNs, WPX XDN is custom-built from the ground up by WPX (a hosting company!) specifically for high-performance WordPress hosting.

The most popular WPX pricing plan of WPX Hosting is given below.

Best Web Hosting

As an affiliate of WPX Hosting’s affiliate program, once an affiliate has reached an all-time total of 100 sales in the annual plan, they will then receive $100 per verified referral for annual customers.

After reaching the all-time 100 sales affiliates will receive as below:

1 sale in 1 calendar month = $100

5 sales in 1 calendar month = $500

10 sales in 1 calendar month = $1,000

100 sales in 1 calendar month = $10,000

200 sales in 1 calendar month = $20,000

Affiliates will receive the commission after 35 days between the 15th and 30th of each month.

Best Web Hosting

Click Here to start with WPX Hosting Affiliate program and start earning a Huge Affiliate commission.

Brief summary of web hosting comparisons is given in the below table

Summary of Table

S. No.High Paying Affiliate ProgramsCommissionCookie durationAffiliate Link
1Hostinger$60 to $100 per each sale30 daysJoin Now
2Cloudways$50 to $125 per each sale90 daysJoin Now
3WPX. HostingUp to $100 per sale60 daysJoin Now


For every online business website is mandatory and every website needs hosting. Hence, the scope is very wide. By promoting the Web Hosting Affiliate programs you will have a very wide range of customer base. No matter in which industry you are working, still you can use the above list to find a few affiliate programs to start generating passive income.


FAQs | Affiliate Marketing Programs 2023
What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is where you promote a product or service and you earn a commission on each sale you made, particularly when someone makes a purchase through your affiliate link.

What are the characteristics of the best hosting plan?

i) Hosting server should be fast enough.
ii) It should provide the
iii) Free security certificate for website (Free SSL)
iv) 24/7 support
v) Additional features
vi) This list needs to improve and need to fine-tune.

What is the cookie duration?

After clicking the affiliate link from the customer, the same Affiliate link remains active in the customer’s platform for a certain period (in days); that period is called cookie duration.

How are the sales tracked with Hostinger?

Hostinger tracks the sales by tracking (affiliate) links and cookies. When a user clicks on your tracking link, we place cookies into his browser and they help Hostinger recognize that it is your referred user.

When does CLOUDWAYS pay out the commission?

CLOUDWAYS affiliate commission is paid via PayPal once your monthly earnings reach $250 (approved commission). If you hit this threshold, your earnings will be transferred before the 10th of the month.

If you have any comments or suggestions and questions share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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