How To Get Affiliate Products And Setup Affiliate Account in 2024?

Being a Blogger do you want to earn money online? then Affiliate marketing is the best choice.

Affiliate platforms like Clickbank, JVZoo, Amazon Associates, CJ (Commission Junction) and Shoppify are amongst the top sites for affiliate marketing. Besides that, there are many Affiliate platforms that you can join to become an affiliate marketer. However, How to get Affiliate products is important.

To get started, all you have to do is go to the affiliate website, where affiliate sign-up details are requested.

Click on the sign-up button and input your correct personal information.

To sign up you will need your email address, your bank details or PayPal information and your income tax ID.

The tax ID is required for tax filing purposes at the end of the year.

How to get Affiliate products?

Once you have your account set up, then you will have access to go inside the Affiliate platform where you will be required to browse the marketplace to find a desired opportunity (Product) that you would like to promote to generate leads and revenue.

You need to find a product that will be profitable for you to find something that is already of interest to you. Let’s say for instance that you have an interest in Travel.

Then type the travel word in into the search bar and click the search icon.

All affiliate programs that deal with the travelling niche will come in front of you.

You can see the various programs there.

You can get it properly listed according to the gravity, average sale volume, initial sale price offered etc.

The more productive program that will be helpful for the beginner should have the following.  

High Gravity Score

The Gravity Score tells you how well the program is converting into sales.

Low Initial Sale

You should choose a program that has low initial sales so that people who don’t know about you as an affiliate marketer will be more willing to invest since the initial cost is something that they can afford to lose.  

Affiliate Tools

Tools are required that make our lives easier. In the case of affiliate tools, these are designed so that they make it easier for you to build your campaigns, landing pages, sales pages, and follow-up interactions because they include pre-written material for you.

After deciding on the program to promote, you will get the link to promote the program.

How to set up a Mass Email Client?

The mass Email Client you have chosen will allow you to build an email list of potential customers for your affiliate programs. You want to build a list of potential customers because it takes at least three points of contact for potential customers to feel comfortable enough with you to consider making a purchase from you.

It is very important to build a relationship with your potential customers by communicating with them via email.

Just remember that while it is important to present your product to your customers, you still do not want to come across as a direct seller it may drive a potential customer away.

Some of the Mass email clients that provide this tool are given below.

Mail Chimp:

You can use as a starting point if you are willing to put great effort into sending out your emails. Mail Chimp offers a free account if your list and sent emails do not exceed a certain volume each month.

Automation to your email will be offered to premium members only. However, you can have access to these tools with a subscription as low as $10 a month. Once the list of the email grows you can go for an advance subscription.


Aweber offers a FREE 1-month trial with access to premium tools such as email automation.

Once you have your account set up, the next thing that you want to do is set up your list and build a form to embed on your landing page to capture your potential customer’s name and email address.

This is a vital part of being an effective affiliate marketer. Without this you could potentially lose many sales that you could’ve had. So start building the email list.

After this is done, you may now set up your campaigns and set the order of your emails to be sent out to your potential clients by specifying the email to be sent and how long after a client is added to your list to send them the emails.

Sign up for free to get the Aweber Free Account.

How to set up a Landing Page?

A landing page is a single-page website with highlights of your affiliate program and a sign-up form. This page must contain as much information as possible without giving away the secrets of the program.

Generally, you have about 30 seconds to capture a lead’s attention before they click away from your website. If you have the landing page set up correctly, your lead will not leave this page without first giving you their email address so that you may communicate with them in the future.

Landing pages can be developed using the Weebly (free) or Wix (free) freely. All you have to do is go to the site create an account and choose a suitable template to start off with.

They provide the Landing page format as ‘What You See Is What You Get.

You have to choose a template and start using the tools that were provided with your affiliate’s program to plug in the appropriate information on your Landing page.

You can publish the Landing page on your website, once you update the information on your landing page to reflect your affiliate program’s details and have embedded your sign-up form.  

Now your landing page is ready for further promotion.

Get your Landing page URL shortened:

To promote your content you will require the link shortener. The long URL for your landing page that you created should be shortened first so that you can keep track of how many people have been directed to your webpage and how many people subscribed.

You can shorten the URL link by using the site Bitly for free. It’s a FREE site that you can sign up for and gives you all the information that you need to make the necessary adjustments to your landing page, sign-up forms, ads and email campaigns.

Make use of the Social media like Facebook and Auto poster to promote your Landing page:

Now a day Facebook is famous for social media advertising. You must be in various Facebook groups, if not then go and join them. These groups will help you to promote your landing pages, but to do this need to sharpen your marketing skills.

When you are sure of these rules then you can make a list of what groups you can post in on certain days. Then, reverting to the tools that came with your affiliate program, choose an appropriate image to use with some copy that you come up with yourself.

When posting in these groups, write out about 4 to 5 sentences to capture the reader’s attention. Copy this along with the shortened link of your landing page and post a picture in these groups.

Once the traffic starts coming your way and your landing page starts to convert, that is when you will start to see the profits of your efforts.

You can set up Toolsstar, which will help you promote your landing page effortlessly.


If you are a blogger, then it is advisable to not remain dependent on only one source of income on your website. But get started with affiliate marketing, now a are so many affiliate programs available, you can choose wisely and start promoting and get paid.


What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is where you promote a product or service and you earn a commission on each sale you make, particularly when someone makes a purchase through your affiliate link.

How is Gravity Score calculated on CLICKBANK?

The gravity score is calculated based on the 12-week rolling cycle with more weightage given on recent sales. Sales from yesterday count more towards (the score) than sales from last week.

What is Hoplink?

It is nothing but an affiliate Link to the particular product.

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