How To Earn Money Online With EZOIC?

In the current era of internet, the way of business is changing and shifting from physical business models to the online business models. Even small tiny businesses are also shifting from physical location to online. It is just the beginning and if online businesses are not properly managed then it’s all in vain.

To enjoy the opportunity of online business, you need to have Website. Any kind of website that may be blogging website, small business website or large enterprise or any other kind may make money by monetizing it.

For monetizing of your website first choice goes to the AdSense. If you want to understand How to make money using Google AdSense then the read the article given on my blog. Besides the AdSense, another best monetizing platform is EZOIC. EZOIC is a Google Certified Publishing Partner.

What is EZOIC?

EZOIC is a Google award winning platform for publishers.

EZOIC manages the premium monetization of websites, Networks, testing, and it is technology provider.

It is not just the ad-network or Ad-management service provider or not just for monetization platform but it is also a technology platform for publishers.

EZOIC also provides the Faster and better website infrastructure, CDN, Site Speed Optimization Mobile (AMP, PWA), SEO testing, and also provides the free tools for GDPR, SSL, CCP, Privacy Policy, etc.

To become a website testing company EZOIC is making good efforts to help the online business or websites to run smoothly and earn money online. It is helping the publishers to evaluate and optimize ad placements on their website and to optimize the website layouts.

Utilizing AdSense and DoubleClick Ad Exchange, EZOIC helps publishers to maximize their online income and improve user experience across various platforms like Desktop, Mobile and Tablet.

EZOIC have Ad Tester which is now the world’s largest automated Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) system for publishers. It is an automated website testing platform that helps websites to increase traffic and boost revenue by testing hundreds of ad location and style combinations.

EZOIC believe in “There is no such thing as ‘the perfect ad combination’ – all users need the right ads for ‘their’ user session. One ad (size) does NOT fit all!” Hence, EZOIC perform better than other ad publishers. Ad Tester offers not only dynamic ads for ADX and AdSense ad locations but also allows all publishers to plug in their own ad networks and header bidding partners. This allow header bids from all the major header bidding companies in the world in one easy to manage place, which help to place the higher priced ads on your website.

EZOIC have Partnership with AdSense

You can get the benefit from the partnership between the EZOIC and AdSense. Because of their parentship we can run the ads on our website from both i.e. from AdSense and EZOIC and get benefit of 50% to 200% improvement in revenue.

Monetize with EZOIC

EZOIC runs the competitively high priced ads compared to AdSense.  Further, No contract required to sign with EZOIC and we can easily disable EZOIC whenever required.

EZOIC is a Google Certified Publishing Partner and hence needs to make sure that your website should be compliant with AdSense policy.


What is the basic requirement for the monetization with EZOIC?

Ans: Basically following requirements need to fulfill to monetize the website by EZOIC
i) Website content should be original.
ii) Traffic coming on the website must be authentic and by Human.
iii) Categories given on the website should not be in the prohibited list.
iv) Sites must have a menu/navigation panel
v) Content on your website must not be locked
vi) Normally 1,000 visits per month should have on website before attempting to monetize a site with EZOIC.

How to start with EZOIC?

Ans: Follow below steps to start with EZOIC.
i) Create an Account. No credit card, no contract. Always starts with 30 days free.
ii) Integrate with Ezoic. Three integration options & real humans available 24/7 to help.
iii) Configure Features. This is where you get to play with settings & Ezoic’s advanced testing. Start Free Trial.
V) Find more details on EZOIC

How much money you can earn with EZOIC?

Ans: Depends on the website content, optimization of website, anywhere from $1 to $1,000 per thousand visitors you can earn, because every site is different, even ones that seem very similar.

If I don’t have my website on WordPress, can I apply for the Monetization with EZOIC?

Ans: YES, For the WordPress user ther is benefit that you can use the Plugin to configure the EZOIC with website.
However, if you’re not using WordPress, then you must have to use the Name servers or Cloudflare integration to work with EZOIC.

What are the payment methods available on EZOIC?

Ans: international bank transfer, cheque or PayPal methods are available on EZOIC

When can I get Payment from EZOIC?

Ans: Usually between the 27th and 31st of each month.

What would be the minimum amount payout on EZOIC?

Ans: $20 balance can be payout. Before a transfer is initiated you must have generated at least $20.

Can I get the Payment form AdSense also along with EZOIC?

Ans: Yes. You can also still receive payments from AdSense depending on your website settings in the EZOIC control panel.

How much time it take to be approved by EZOIC?

Ans: EZOIC may take one day to one week.

On my website do AdSense ads run alongside EZOIC ads?

Ans: If you have AdSense approval then it’s possible. However, you can set the percentage, that How much ads come from AdSence and How much ads come from EZOIC.

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