How To Earn Money Online With Google AdSense?

Are you a blogger or do you have website then you can make tons of money using it. To do so you have to monetize your website using Google AdSense.

What is monetization?

On the very basic level, monetization is the act of making something profitable.

If you have blogging website, then you can monetize it using the various platforms, so that you can start earning money online or in simple word by monetizing your blogging site you can start your blogging journey profitable.

How to Earn Money online with Google AdSense:

When you think of monetizing your blogging site, first choice comes to the Google’s AdSense.  Google’s AdSense is the best-known advertising program for the beginner.

Google’s AdSense uses the sophisticated technology to automatically read the content on your blogging website and place the most-relevant ads adjacent to it.

How to get start with Google’s AdSense?

Applying to the Google’s AdSense is easy and simple process.

Google AdSense

To get started First, sign up with Google’s AdSense. 

Google AdSense

After sin-in in to the Google AdSense, put the URL of your blogging website on the Google AdSense.

After successful submission of your site URL to Google’s AdSense, you have to copy the code available on Google’s AdSense and paste it in to your website Header section.

Now your website will be reviewed by Google’s AdSense Team with in a few days, but in some cases it may take 2-4 weeks. If they found the content on your website is rich and informative, then they will approve your AdSense account.

If some suggestion they suggest then try to implement them and submit again for review to Google’s AdSense. 

Once you get the approval from Google’s AdSense, they will start displaying ads on your blogging site automatically. However, you can also adjust the location of the ads on your site manually.

Basic ad blocks contain either two or four text ads and graphical ads are also available to display on your site.

You can earn money by using these ads on your blogging pages. Your earning depends on the type of ad and number of click-through and other factors.

Points to ponder while using Google’s AdSense

1) Blogging content should be rich enough to match the most-expensive AdSense Clicks.

In reality Google’s AdSense operates as an auction. All clicks are not equally treated. In some clicks you may earn few cents; in other clicks you may earn double digit dollars. Hence, it is required to write the content specially to attract higher-value contextual ads.

2) Always test multiple ads

If extra ads on your blogging page won’t hurt user experience, then you must place the multiple ads on each page.

3) Make use of text ads

As compared to the image ads text ads perform better. So, make use of it.

4) Ads sizes matters

Because of the many visitors on blogging page are trained themselves to ignore the standard ads size placed on regular banner-ads-go spots, you have to choose some other size of banner or place on your web page. If you want more clicks, then you must move the ads out of the traditional format.

The most popular Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) approved sizes of Ads are 160×600, 300×250, 728×90. These ad sizes generate more demand and revenue in general. You can also test different ad sizes to see how each will perform better. This will make you understand that, which one is performing best for you.

5) Place the ads near to the content of the blogging page

In order to increase ads view-ability place ads near the most engaging content.

More the ads view-ability means higher CPMs and ultimately higher end revenue for you. Interactive Advertising Bureau recommends that publishers should aim at 70% ads view-ability.  

When visitor or reader click on your page any ads close to or contained within the content generally will do better than anywhere else on the page.

6) Avoid Boxed Borders

Generally, ads come with the colorful boxes, if you consider the ads with no box or with white borders that will miscible with white color of your blog page. In this way reader on your blog page will not differentiate the ads and text and you will get more clicks.

Another way of doing it is that use the border color of Ads that matches your sites color as closely as possible. This AdSense driven formatting of your blogging page will be more profitable than the reader driven formatting of your blog page.

Bonus Read:

What is AdWord and how it is different from AdSense?

For the beginner it is very confusing to understand about the AdSense and AdWord. Both are operated by Google, but the purpose is totally different.

AdWord is an advertising platform provided by Google, where you place the ads on other site (AdWord = You place ads on other sites and you pay to Google).

However, AdSense is the program where Google puts ads on your site (AdSense = Google put ads on your site and Google pay you). 

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