Mangools KWFinder Review, GET All 5 Incredible Group SEO Tools

Do you want to be successful in your blogging Journey? then Mangools’ Group SEO Tools are the right choice for you.

While you sleeping, Do you want to make money online? If Yes, then you can make money online from blogging. But only you have to do is to focus on rightly investing your money and time.

SEO Tools are a must when you want to succeed in the online journey of blogging. Some of the SEO Tools are free online, but available with Limited access. If you are looking for ways to boost your search engine traffic, and want to turn your blog into a Cash Cow, then you must get access to the group SEO Tools.

Remember this, visitors search the keywords in Google search and not your blogging post.

If you understand this then you will be successful in online blogging. Hence, Keyword research is very much important.

This is why it is so important to use a keyword research tool to find the right keywords.

You may have come across the SEO Tool KWFinder.

It is one of the most widely used and effective SEO tools for performing profitable keyword research. The brand behind KWFinder belongs to Mongools.

Do you know Mangools? Mangools brings all incredible Group SEO Tools.

Mangools is a package of 5 simple but effective and powerful SEO tools made for an

effective SEO workflow.

Group SEO Tools brought by Mongools

1) KWFinder

If you are searching for high-traffic generating keywords, then KWFinder is the best choice for you. This is the best SEO tool for finding tons of profitable keywords quickly and effectively.

This could be a perfect tool for your keyword research. You can do keyword research by entering a specific keyword or domain name. KWFinder will find hidden long-tail keywords for you.

2) SERPWatcher

SERP Watcher is a keyword rank-tracking tool. If you want to find your keyword rankings really fast and accurately, then this is the tool that you need.

3) SERPChecker

SERPChecker is the SEO competitor analysis tool. SERPChecker will help you to do SEO competitor analysis.

4) LinkMiner

LinkMiner is helpful to check the backlink of your competitor’s page. If you want to outrank your sites with high domain authorities, then LinkMiner is just for you. It will help you to check any website authority, Backlink profile, top pages, and competitive analysis.

5) SiteProfiler

This is an all-in-one SEO tool. Hope you now have a better idea about what each SEO tool of Mangools is about. Let’s now go over the details.

KWFinder Review:

KWFinder is the ultimate Keyword Research Tool of Mangools.

I will discuss here How to use KWFinder to find profitable long-tail keywords that increase your overall website traffic and sales.

KWFinder is the only keyword tool in the universe you will ever need.

Below is a simple tutorial on KWFinder for doing keyword research.

Step 1: Enter any domain name or keyword of your choice in the KWFinder Search

As an example, I am writing Shipbuilding as a basic keyword to find relevant and great long-tail keywords related to it.

You can also choose any country you wish (US, India, UK, etc) from where you want to see the results. You can also set your preferred language and hit “Find Keywords”


Step 2: Once you hit on the Find keywords button, instantly KWFinder will provide you with all the relevant keywords along with a ton of information.

You will be able to see tons of things along with keyword suggestions and their estimated traffic. Have a look at the screenshot above.

Apart from the keyword ideas that are relevant to your desired keywords you will also able to see other lots of information.

For any newbie, understanding this information is very difficult.

You have to understand the meaning of each word given their Keywords-

Here you can see the relevant keyword suggestion given by KWFinder

Trend – Trend means the last 12 months’ search trend of a particular keyword in the selected country.

Search – It is an average monthly search volume for the exact match of a particular keyword in the last 12 months.

CPC – It is the average cost per click of the listed keyword PPC-It is the level of competition in PPC advertising (min-0, max 100) for the listed keywords.

KD – It is a keyword difficulty. The SEO difficulty of a keyword is based on the SEO stats of the pages on the first Google SERP (min0, max 100).

Above are the key factors you need to understand before going to try to find the most profitable long-tail keywords in your industry.

In the given example keyword ‘Ship building’ has a keyword difficulty of 40 out of 100. That means you can target this keyword to get more and more traffic to your blogging post.

Along with the keyword difficulty, you’ll also notice the monthly search volume trend, so that you can easily find out whether your desired keyword is still trending or not in Google.

Use the below details to judge your searched keyword SEO difficulty range. Based on the keyword difficulty range you can choose the best keyword.

The best keyword difficulty range is below 40, So always try to find the log tail keyword below 40 keyword difficulty.

It will help you to rank higher in Google and bring more and more traffic to your blogging site and ultimately selected keyword will become very profitable for you.

KWFinder tool is also used to perform the SERP analysis.

This analysis will help you see the top pages that are already ranking on Google’s top 10 results. Using this analysis you will see a ton of other important features such as DA, PA, CF, and TF, along with LPS, FB, AR, Links, RD, and RI to know the competition level for your desired keyword.

In brief, I have given the explanation about those terms so you will be able to get an understanding of these terms while calculating the keyword competency.

Google SERP – Google SERP means the top results obtained from Google search for the selected keyword.

The overall SEO score is calculated as the average of the SEO competitiveness of the top 10 pages.

Red colour – big SEO competitiveness.

Green colour = low SEO competitiveness.

LPS – LPS means the overall Link Profile Strength of the URL. It is developed by Mongools.

DA – DA means Domain Authority, it predicts how well a website will rank on search engines.

PA – PA means Page Authority predicts how well a specific page will rank on search engines.

CF – CF means the Citation Flow. It predicts how influential a URL might be based on how many sites link to it. TF-TF means the Trust Flow is focused on the quality of the link.

Links-It is the number of external authority-passing links to the URL.

FB – FB means the number of Facebook shares for the URL EV-EV means estimated visits per month on this SER P position

Above tons of information is provided by KWFinder.

Make sure to understand the above features carefully, so that it will be easier for you to pick up the right keywords with more profitability and low competition.

Step 3: Once you enter the desired keyword of your choice, you will get tons of information.

After understanding the various features carefully, look for keywords with a search volume below 2000 in monthly searches; so that you can get rankings on Google.

Sort out the results by ignoring all the high monthly volume keywords. The low competitive long-tail keywords with around 2000 monthly search volume will be the best suitable keywords, by using such low volume, low difficulty keywords you can increase your search traffic and sales.

Let’s see how you can pick the best keywords from the list.

As you can see from the above screenshot, you will also notice that the difficulty of the keyword is around 40 (which is good to target). That’s how you pick the best long-tail keywords with low volume and average keyword difficulty to rank quickly on Google search results.

Another important thing to find great long-tail keywords really fast is to use filters.

Just click on the filters button and enter your desired elements to continue. It looks something like this.


Doing these searches and using filters can be helpful in finding desired Keywords with low monthly searches and low keyword difficulty.

In the above screenshot, I entered a max of 2000 in search volume (so it will only show keywords with monthly search volume below 2000 searches). And I also used a keyword difficulty score of a max of 40.

Once you set it will display all the keywords after applying those filters.

Here’s the end result.


If you start targeting such long-tail keywords by using the long form of content, you’ll start getting tons of visitors to your sites in no time.

You can also export all the keyword data, so you can work on them later or with your team. This is so much helpful for people who are working on their SEO projects frequently.

In this way, anybody can use Mongools’ KWFinder to find low-competitive and highly profitable long-tail keywords really quickly.

Advantages of the KWFinder over other keyword research tools

►KWFinder is a Newbie-friendly interface

►KWFinder find highly profitable long-tail keywords within seconds.

►You can make use of filters to eliminate all the bad keywords.

►Get localized keyword suggestions, the most accurate keyword information provided.

►Find out your top competitors for your desired keywords to know why they are ranking on top in the first place.

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